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Recruitment Decision

Recruiting – anyone can do it, can’t they?


Do you have recruitment needs and deciding to take matters into your own hands – there is a lot to consider!

Don’t assume your advert on SEEK will do the trick and the recruiting process and all it entails is “easy”.


Your key considerations are: –

  • Are you really saving money with this approach
  • Is your advertising – copy, strategy and company brand going to attract the ideal candidate
  • Are you seeing the best credentialed candidates as a result
  • Have you sufficient internal resources to process, interview, reference check the volume of candidates in the most efficient manner to protect your “employment brand”
  • Will your interview skills ensure you secure the ideal hiring
  • AND what if you have to repeat the process incurring further time and money waste – there’s plenty of evidence this is a REAL situation more times than not
  • What recourse is there if the hiring is unsuitable & not performing to expectations

Outsourcing to OCG, whether it be for a contracting or permanent role, relieves this stress, guarantees success, has a greater strategic reach and database of qualified candidates.
Above all, OCG has qualified and skilled recruiters assigned to your job ensuring the most appropriate outcome in a realistic timeframe.
OCG will source, qualify and recommend the best candidates AND support your hiring decision with a 12 month replacement guarantee/Candidate Care Program.
OCG source candidates from numerous & appropriate strategies, one of which is our own database which holds 80,000 candidates and growing. We provide professional writing then process all applications received through the 6 professional advert dispensaries – send acknowledgement emails to all applicants as well as review each resume personally. From the initial stages we conduct interviews, assessments, reference checks and notify/ debrief the unsuccessful shortlist candidates. We also facilitate/ negotiate the employment offer.

Before you decide to go it alone, consider this:

  • You – our client, have as little or as much involvement in the process as you like and we continue to keep you updated on progress.
  • We have an average of a 4 – 6 week turn around
  • Talk to us about our innovative Partnership Fee Schedule which addresses your key questions:-
    • What does it cost
    • How will you pay for it


– Need more proof outsourcing is a cost effective strategy, contact our team