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Stop! Before you quit your job…

At this time of the year it’s not uncommon to be either really upbeat about the years performance and rewards or frustrated and dejected because it just didn’t happen – again! It may raise questions of applying for a new job but don’t be too hasty about deciding to move on.Don’t quit your job just yet…
We’ve had many calls from candidates wanting to discuss their frustrations at great lengths, determined to get out of their current role. When asked if they have shared these issues with their manager, most have said ‘no’.
A reality check is required at this point – it’s easier to believe that grass is greener elsewhere; reality is that the grass where you are probably just needs a little watering!
If this sounds like you at the moment, have you spoken to your manager? It may sound strange coming from a recruiter, but before you consider starting a new job hunt, consider working to resolve the issues at hand.

Here are a few tips
  • Be objective about what is inhibiting your performance or causing frustration in your current situation – write it down.
  • Be honest with yourself – why aren’t you operating happily to full potential in your current position and what could/should you do better?
  • Write yourself an agenda and present it to your manager with a request to meet and discuss. These talking points will help you keep on track and enable the conversation to be had in a semi-personal manner.


  • Don’t approach this as a performance review, you’re seeking an open discussion about your feelings and what needs to be addressed to improve the situation.
  • At the end of the meeting, make sure you have a mutually agreed action plan.
With the year winding up, it’s easy to get lost in the frenzy of New Year’s Resolutions and a fresh start. However, allow yourself, your boss and your colleagues the time to work through issues.
Remember, you’ve already invested time and effort in your current role. Why not be as successful as you can be!

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