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Important Tips to Help Your Job Search

Be Prepared
It is important to be prepared and stay organised. You need a place to work from; your workplace.  If you don’t have a study at home, you should endeavour to establish a quiet area where you can work from. Make sure it is comfortable, business-like and equipped with everything you need for your job search.
Always have an up-to-date one-page executive summary and resume, professional sounding voice mail and email address. This will ensure you can respond to job advertisements promptly. Make sure to keep a record of the jobs you have applied for, interviews, contact people and their details.
Make a list of what you are looking for, and only apply for jobs that match. Similarly, apply for positions that you are qualified for. This way you can narrow your search and avoid wasting both your time and the employers.

An organised work area is important when searching for your next job.

Use Job Search Engines
Job search engines can be a fast and efficient way of job searching if used properly. Most search engines have an ‘advanced search’ option where you can search by job title, location and keyword etc. Advance search options help to find jobs of closest match. You can also save time by signing up for job alerts to receive job listings by email.
Networking & the use of Social Media platforms
Approach networking activity from the perspective of Who Knows You – this approach will increase the possibility of re-employment success; it’s not only about who you know or connect with.
Use Social Networking
Social networking should never be undervalued particularly in the age of social media. Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter enable you to establish connections and maintain relationships.
Develop a network of relevant connections on networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as job listings may appear here before they are listed elsewhere. The more connections you have on LinkedIn, the better your chances of having a connection who can help your job search.

  • Increase relevant connections by joining specialist groups on LinkedIn.
  • Follow industry leaders and companies that interest you on Twitter.

It is important to stay in touch with your professional network. A great way to connect with your professional network is to set up an informal meeting. Get your name out there and let people know that you are looking. You want people to think of you when a position becomes available.
Be disciplined, determined and diligent
Setting and successfully achieving new career goals will largely be a direct outcome of your own positive attitude, your level of energy and persistence. Take a positive and focused attitude by embracing the process and treating it as your new job.
Establish a businesslike routine right from the start. Try to divide your day into logical blocks such telephone calls, writing applications, researching opportunities, self-development, exercise etc. Look at different media and follow industry news.
Remember – it is your job to seek out opportunities.