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Returning to work & breaking out the books

My decision to return to study, after many years – would you believe more than 25 years, wasn’t made lightly. I have four children and work so changing my routine to include; assignments, online lectures and study wasn’t going to be easy.  The hardest thing was getting started.


I have worked in the same industry – professional services for most of my working life and fortunately love what I do. During my early career I have held roles in office support, accounting administration and for the bulk of my time, I was a (successful) recruitment consultant.


After 20 years at home I returned to the workplace and have become very comfortable in my role, although felt I needed to build my confidence in the work place whilst developing personally and professionally. So I decided to undertake a Business Administration course.


To help develop a new routine, I viewed study as an extension of my job.   All I needed to do was dedicate one hour a day either at work or home. Admittedly it is much easier to study at work as the environment is far more conducive, no one asking what’s for dinner or where’s my clean shirt?  It’s a matter of setting up a routine that works for you.  I am living proof that it can be achieved and believe me it’s worth it.


Going back to study has been a very positive experience to date.  It has reinforced what I already knew which in turn has eliminated my self-doubt and has improved my productivity along with expanding my business knowledge.  This course has stimulated and re-energised me and opened my mind to other parts of the business.


I am excited to complete my course after receiving positive comments from my Tutor and determined to receive and frame my Graduation certificate.