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30 Year Anniversary

The start of the new decade marks 30 years since Options Consulting Group’s establishment. Firstly, Options Consulting Group would be remiss not to thank everyone who has supported us during this time. Without you this achievement would not have been possible.


Australian business has vastly changed over the three decades. During this time the Australian economic landscape has moved away from being a goods-producing economy and more towards a service-orientated economy (Herrendorf, Rogerson & Valentinyi, 2014).  Serving Australian business has always been at the crux of Options Consulting Group’s business – unsurprisingly our maxim is to Facilitate Growth in Business through People.


Our approach is founded on a strong principle, treating people as names and not numbers


Technological discontinuities create difficulty for existing companies. Exemplifying this is the accession of streaming services such as Netflix replacing the now inferior rental video companies like the bankrupt Blockbuster. The rise and demise of Netflix and Blockbuster respectively highlights the need for product development and an acute awareness of consumer preferences. Similarly, the highly competitive Professional Services industry requires incumbents to constantly adapt their service offering. While Options Consulting Group does not want be seen as patting itself on the back, everyone in this industry would agree that operating for 30 years is no mean feat, also this is a celebratory blog so when better to do so. This feat has been achieved through the two-way personable relationship’s Options Consulting Group has formed with thousands of Australian Businesses.


Throughout Options Consulting Group’s history our service offering has adapted and been refined to the suite of services namely the 5-Key Pillars of Human Resources – HR Consultancy, Recruitment (Permanent and Interim Solutions), Leadership Development, Career Transition & Outplacement and Behavioural & Psychometric Profiling. Delivering solutions across industries such as Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction, Automotive, Logistics, Accounting, Finance, Health, Community, Administration Support, Human Resources, IT, Technical, Logistics, Operations, Sales & Marketing.


While the end of a decade offers time for reflection it also means the beginning of a new one. Providing the opportunity to continue serving Australian businesses and facilitating career moves to help forge prosperous careers. If Options Consulting Group can help your business please phone John Gilbert on (03) 9693 9300.