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Is your Covid-19 Exit Strategy not too far away?


In light of Scott Morrison saying “we’re not too far away from easing restrictions” proactive leaders need to be turning their attention to a Covid-19 Exit Strategy. Future headlines will begin to read that the economy is restarting, lockdowns have ended, sports are being played and even restaurants-and-bars open their doors. Business leaders that are reactive to these headlines will be behind those who have already begun planning their Covid-19 Exit and Recovery Strategy.


The questions business leaders need to be addressing when developing their recovery strategy is:


  1. Is your organisation prepared for a new business landscape?

The  environment is likely to be very different once business resumes as “usual”. Leaders must carry-out the necessary reviews and identify potential market opportunities.


  1. How quickly can your business adapt and change to potential disruptions?

Exposed business areas during the Covid-19 crisis that lack agility will continue to be a potential risk as future social, political and geographical changes are inevitable.


  1. Are you engaged with your customer’s preferences?

It is not only businesses that are reassessing, individuals are also finding their needs have dramatically changed with measures and arrangements that are likely to continue well into the future.


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