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Meet the Consultant Behind the Mask – Eugene Lane-Mullins

Eugene Lane-Mullins | FMCG & IT Specialist Recruiter


Tell us a little bit about your journey to OCG

I have always been a service-oriented person. My former career formed the foundations that made me a client-driven solutions provider. These values, along with energy and focus have made my transition to OCG much easier. 2.5 years on, I love the journey I have made with the team as every day brings exciting new challenges to solve.


What attracted you to OCG

I was impressed with the genuine approach to how the Consultants showed interest in my journey as a candidate – something I had not experienced with recruiters previously. Now on the other side, I make a point to always treat candidates and clients with the utmost respect.


Do you specialize in any industry sectors

I am the lead Consultant across IT and FMCG industries. My expertise in technology married with personal passion for food and beverage manufacturing allow me to delve into solving client needs.


What type of roles do you place

There really is no limit to what and where I work. I cover technical and non-technical roles from Production Management, Engineering and Food Technology through to 1st– 3rd tier IT support, Supply Chain and Finance roles for my clients.


Talk us through your most satisfying assignment

One of my clients had great difficulty finding talent in highly technical manufacturing roles in a regional, inter-state location. I managed to recruit into their location by thinking outside of the box and interviewing talent in separate states to solve their issue. These candidates completed 13 months this August – something I am proud to track and see flourish in their business.


What sets OCG apart from the rest

We listen. There is never a one-size-fits-all approach to the work we do – so solving complex issues requires an open mind to every client. We work in great detail to ensure longevity in the solutions provided and hence delivering to our motto “Facilitating growth in business through people”


If you would like to get in contact with Eugene Lane-Mullins, he is reachable on 0411 603 885 0r via email at