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Tips for Accounting Candidates looking to take the next step

After recently completing an assignment for a mid-tier accounting position; it became clear that many candidates had left some tasks or responsibilities off their resume for fear of over-promoting themselves.

Without a follow up for a more in-depth conversation you may not have even been considered for the role based on a first pass through your CV.

If you are worried that including certain tasks will make it sound as though you’re punching above your weight, take a moment to think about exactly what it is that you’re doing in your list of responsibilities.

Here are a few tips:

Are you assisting in the process? Are you completing most of the task to have it signed off by the Financial Controller? Include it with that description.

Do you deal with multiple banks and foreign currencies? Include something about Fx on your resume to suggest having that exposure. You do not have to claim to be a hedging or Forex trading guru but even just those 2 letters Fx could help it stand out.

Do you assist with FBT returns to finally have them signed off by the Finance Manager? Be sure to mention it. Again, those 3 letters may help toward the criteria your prospective employer is looking for.

If you are at this point in your career where the next step is up, there is a fair chance the role you are looking for is not asking for you to be an expert in all facets of accounting – what they may be looking for is exposure and we’re looking for that on your CV.

Conversely, even if you are struggling for content, unless you are applying for a job in the mail room perhaps do not include things like “collecting the mail from the post office”.

Jonathon McCoombe | Finance and Supply Chain Specialist