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Recruitment in 2021 | John Gilbert

Having over 35 years’ experience in the recruitment industry I’m often asked to comment on how much has changed over time. The truth is, apart from processing technology replacing paper-based systems – which by the way in my opinion has dehumanised the career hunt/recruitment process – not much has.

Direct to market strategies still run the risk of not attracting the target candidates, why:

  • one dimensional strategy
  • bland matter of fact advertising
  • mistaken belief that company brands matter/don’t matter
  • candidate reticence to apply
  • lack of empathy and communication in the recruitment process – there’s much more too.

Technology is dumbing down the recruitment process – this is not only my observation, I hear it from business leaders too.

You can’t rely solely on AI, video interviews, psychometric and other profiling technology to identify the best suited candidate – the final hiring decision is purely based on subjective judgement – both by the candidate and hiring manager. Unfortunately, this dumbing down of the recruitment process creates a generally negative view of the Outsourced Recruitment Industry – although the industry doesn’t do itself any favours here either.

Outsourcing recruitment is still the most viable and advisable strategy to secure that ideal candidate. However, you must distinguish between a consultant and a recruiter to achieve desired results, why:

A consultant fully understands the context of company culture, linkage between work process, job competency and performance – a consultant is 100% dedicated to presenting your brand in a positive manner and maintains communication with all parties throughout the entire process and beyond.

Above all though, a consultant:

  • combines multiple strategies to identify the best candidates
  • employs a positive mindset to the recruitment process by encouraging contact and discussion as opposed to an elimination approach
  • is able to identify transferrable competencies, aptitude and attitude all of which increases the talent pool
  • is willing to provide career advice to individuals whether or not they are current applicants – there’s more too.

What’s changed over 35 years in the industry? Job matching based on key words in CV’s is undermining the value of one-to-one discussion, the value of independent intuition and insight supported by thorough validation of a candidate’s suitability for the role at hand.

The key to successful recruitment/career outcomes involves more than job matching.

Acknowledging that people aren’t numbers, the recruitment process is often stressful, time sensitive and requires routine, honest, respectful and timely communication between all stakeholders.

Consultants can easily be distinguished from Recruiters by their industry knowledge, business acumen, and demonstrable commitment to delivering outcomes – they will continue to provide value to every stakeholder over and above the specific requirements of the task at hand.

For the most successful hiring results outsourcing to a Specialist Consultant remains a viable and preferable strategy.

This “people first” approach has built a key industry in professional services –  if it’s career advice, applying for a job or seeking the best talent for your business then outsourcing to a specialist with a demonstrable consultative approach is still the best option.

John Gilbert founded Options Consulting Group in 1990 on the philosophy that people are the sustainable advantage for every business. The Options Consulting Group Guiding Principles emphasises open, honest, accessible and constructive engagement with stakeholders.

John Gilbert | Principal

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