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Background Checking for Pertinent Information

Background checking is a key stage in the recruitment process. When considering this task, the recruiter must ask themselves; “What am I really looking for and who is best suited to conduct the background check?”. This is when the potential employer reaches out to the candidate’s previous employer(s) seeking to establish alignment and suitability to the skills required and values/culture alignment with the employer.

There’s a growing trend to disconnect the recruitment process from the recruiter or hiring manager by outsourcing to an independent third party – there’s things to be wary of here. In particular, apart from getting a bland picture about length of tenure, reasons for leaving, “strengths and weaknesses “and the Dorothy Dicks – “would you re-hire?” there’s really not much relevance to the role under consideration, reporting to a different style leader in a different organisation with its own set of values and culture.

Reference checking is one of the most important steps within the recruitment process. This is when the potential employer reaches out to the candidate’s previous employer and enquiries about their skills, their strengths and weaknesses. Despite being a useful tool to accurately gauge the candidate’s capabilities, it is undoubtedly a time-consuming task. In order to minimise this time, spend on reference checking, some employers have decided to outsource this task to a third party. This question here is: does outsourcing a reference check achieve the most effective results in the long run? That is to say, does it guarantee a higher quality of recruitment and a better assessment of the candidate or does it just create a significant disconnect between the potential employer and the candidate? There are multiple holes that are likely to exist within the outsourcing process that could be detrimental to the hiring company in the long run.

• They factor the impressions and judgements made through the recruitment process
• They use scenario based questions along with verification of information
• They conduct a 360 degree style Background Check
• They speak with insight and knowledge of the organisations environment and performance expectations

For employers outsourcing recruitment, ensure your partner has the capacity to deliver a comprehensive Background Check relevant to all aspects of the role including alignment with mutual expectations on performance and company values.