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Founded in 1990, Options Consulting Group continues to build a solid reputation for delivering:

1. Trusted Advisor Relationship
  • You have one principle contact at Options Consulting Group. That person will execute your assignment or introduce an appropriate team member to work with you whilst providing project management and quality assurance
  • Your trusted advisor develops and maintains a thorough understanding of your organisations culture and values, business goals and industry issues
2. Expertise and Knowledge
  • Coupled with our consultant’s job related industry experience, you can be assured the correct recommendations of strategy, process and assessment will meet your needs and exceed your expectations
3. Rigorous and proven Process
  • The OCG recruitment process is the most thorough in the industry
  • The timing of background checking and candidate assessment is designed to give you the most comprehensive candidate briefing prior to your interviews
  • By employing the appropriate assessment battery, you will be confident the information provided prior to your interview will allow you to make the best quality, informed employment decision
  • Every successful permanent appointment is underwritten by a 12 month candidate performance guarantee
4. Care
  • Upon completion of each assignment – successful or otherwise – you will be invited to complete our online Quality Survey. We request your candid feedback and this information is received by our Managing Director and actioned as necessary
5. Reach
  • Our founding membership of NPA, The Worldwide Recruitment Network gives us access to trading partners in Australian, significant reach into the Asia/Pacific region and around the world. This cooperative network is a continual source of excellent candidates