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Recruitment: the key to a team’s success

It might be strange to think that an AFL team sitting 7th on the ladder has in fact made it through the 2016 AFL Grand Final but, for the Western Bulldogs team, this is just the case. How, might you ask have the dogs allowed themselves into this favourable position? One thing that has been … Continued

Important Tips to Help Your Job Search

Be Prepared It is important to be prepared and stay organised. You need a place to work from; your workplace.  If you don’t have a study at home, you should endeavour to establish a quiet area where you can work from. Make sure it is comfortable, business-like and equipped with everything you need for your job … Continued

Five ways to increase employee retention

  Be open to change Last week I was running late to work. Why? Because someone had broken down on the off ramp during peak hour, meaning there was more traffic than usual. As I was explaining this to my colleague, we both agreed that working 9-5 is a bit out dated. Don’t get me … Continued

Simon Hare on the Game of Numbers

There is always tension between a remuneration budget and investing in talented employees.  How much do you have to spend to retain your best people? Simon Hare offers the following information. The above illustration identifies some of the latest economic indicators that business leaders may consider when making remuneration budget and review decisions – viz:  … Continued

5 [more] LinkedIn Fixes That Will Get You Noticed

Earlier in the year, we wrote the article ‘5 LinkedIn Fixes That Will Get You Noticed’. It’s been one of our most popular posts, so we thought we’d give you five [more] fixes.    Order your skills properly. It is important that you leave generic skills to last in order to get noticed. This means … Continued

Successful Recruiting is like Golf

Recruiters use LinkedIn. This isn’t a trade secret. We use it to interact with clients, candidates and to develop possible connections. It’s used to keep up to date with news and as a platform to publish work. However at OCG, we have numerous other tools at our disposal. John Gilbert – OCG Owner/Principal explains it … Continued

International Women's Day 2016

International Women’s Day is coming up on the 8th March 2016. The day is to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.   There are events scheduled around the world, and can be found by searching for your city (worldwide) here. The … Continued

Stop! Before you quit your job…

At this time of the year it’s not uncommon to be either really upbeat about the years performance and rewards or frustrated and dejected because it just didn’t happen – again! It may raise questions of applying for a new job but don’t be too hasty about deciding to move on.Don’t quit your job just yet… … Continued

What does a flexible workforce offer you?

There are experienced people available at short notice to help you get things done! The experienced contract/interim manager has skills that allow them to adjust to new workplaces quickly – they carry a tool kit called ‘experience’.

Working Effectively with Gen Y

While many stereotypes about Gen Y are true – we like to ask ‘why’ and our mobiles are never far away – there are a few that I’m trying to breakdown in my workplace. As a young woman finishing my university degree, I wondered what my first job would be like and whether I would … Continued