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Tips for Accounting Candidates looking to take the next step

After recently completing an assignment for a mid-tier accounting position; it became clear that many candidates had left some tasks or responsibilities off their resume for fear of over-promoting themselves. Without a follow up for a more in-depth conversation you may not have even been considered for the role based on a first pass through … Continued

Loved, Supported or Abandoned?

  Loved, supported or abandoned?   Has this been your experience applying online for a new position advertised by a Recruiter?      No response to initial application      No return phone calls      No feedback/advice from your initial interview with recruiter      Made the shortlist, didn’t advance to next round – … Continued

Career: Relocation Opportunities

Last week I posted the following status update: “After almost 30 years in Recruitment, I’m of the opinion that one of the biggest drains on economic growth is the real, deep-seated reluctance of Australians to embrace relocation for career opportunities.”   Whilst this was a comment made out of instinct based on my past experiences, … Continued

Robots are replacing humans

Our jobs in 20 years’ time will be performed by computers. Artificial intelligence is fast developing. These are common statements we are hearing in the world, let alone the business world. Whilst robots may render some tasks and functions obsolete, robots can never render humans obsolete – and it is the human resources and recruitment … Continued

Hi! You've reached…

When we talk about Personal Branding, we often think about our online profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook or your company’s website. These are all big elements of your brand, but how often do we think about the smaller features too? How often, for example, do you think about your voicemail? When was the last time you … Continued

Women in the Boardroom: An Update

In the past, Options Consulting Group has published information regarding the employment of women in leadership positions. With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, we felt it apt to revisit the topic and analyse whether or not there have been improvements since we last explored the issue in depth. Our past report on women in … Continued

Career Transition: Objections and Strategies

“There is nothing permanent except change” – Heraclitus Everyday around the country, people just like you are considering a career change. And everyday, people just like you avoid taking the bold leap to career engagement and enjoyment. But why? Many people reading this know they want to make a change, yet understand that career transition … Continued

Landit – The New LinkedIn?

Landit, a startup platform developed by Lisa Skeete Tatum was launched earlier this month. It’s designed to help women through career transition, by offering advice and structure to what can be a difficult and stressful process. With other competitors like LinkedIn and, it has a stronger focus on helping women excel in their professional … Continued

Human Resource Consulting or Recruitment?

Which form of resource management advice will assist in reaching organisational goals? When you are working every day and engrossed in your business activities, it can often be difficult to take a step back and identify issues that need to be rectified. Constraining factors can limit your professional objectivity resulting in unactionable behavioural patterns that … Continued

People; Assets Not Numbers

The OCG difference is how we understand candidate’s experiences and attributes and view each person as a potential asset, not just a number. We have a deep understanding and appreciation of competencies, attributes, process knowledge and how these are more readily transferrable than is often thought. Often “a fresh set of eyes” leads to a … Continued