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De Ja Vu? OCG Has Been Here Before

The Australian Bureau of Statistics in February 2019 announced the unemployment rate in Australia has fallen to a record eight year low. Terrific news for people who are looking for a job. However, there is a negative side to the unemployment rate reaching this low for businesses. Simply, there are more jobs than suitable people. … Continued

Executive, Professional and Technical Contract Division

Is this your current business scenario Driving for top line growth Current staffing levels operating at capacity Strategic or project initiatives being delayed through lack of available resources Then you need our Executive, Professional & Technical Contract Division – now. Every contractor is covered with professional and public liability insurance – administration is cut to … Continued

Short-Term Flexible Contracting Providing Long Term Strategic Gains

OCG Contract/Interim Management Division established in 1990 exists to be a viable business solution – NOT an opportunistic sales activity. It is also an employment option with significant appeal to many. Why use a contractor – replacement cover, specific projects, increasing workloads, alternative to permanent appointment are the main reasons. Our current range of support … Continued

Top 10 Tips for Candidates Undergoing Recruitment Assessments

Profile Assessment is a feature of today’s recruitment process whether you’re applying directly via in-house recruiters or your application is being managed by outsourced recruitment professionals appointed to act on behalf of the employer. These assessments are usually completed online and can involve answering numerous questions within time limits and for some candidates, this process … Continued

Two “on trend” Solutions to Facilitate Growth in Your Business

2019 will present the same challenges – astute business leaders will still be driven to focus on achieving increased productivity and returns from existing resources and OCG is observing two significant trends: 1. A renewed focus on practicable skills development particularly in middle and emerging management personnel 2. Increasing demand for skilled professionals in engineering, … Continued

Loved, Supported or Abandoned?

  Loved, supported or abandoned?   Has this been your experience applying online for a new position advertised by a Recruiter?      No response to initial application      No return phone calls      No feedback/advice from your initial interview with recruiter      Made the shortlist, didn’t advance to next round – … Continued

Time is tight, urgency is high and you need the job done – NOW

  OCG Contract/Interim Management Division is your answer Since 1990 OCG has been in the business of solving short term resourcing issues for our clients across a broad range of needs – here’s just a small sample:   Accounting and Finance: Admin Officer, Bookkeeper, Cost Accountant, Finance Accountant, Management Accountant, AP/AC Officer, Payroll Officer, Payroll … Continued

Do you need short-term solutions for your business?

If you’re looking for flexible job opportunities, or looking to fill a short term role within your company, Options Consulting Group can provide you the best solution to suit your requirements.   OCG will provide you with Contractors and Interim Managers   At short notice   Across all disciplines   At competitive rates   OCG … Continued

Returning to work & breaking out the books

My decision to return to study, after many years – would you believe more than 25 years, wasn’t made lightly. I have four children and work so changing my routine to include; assignments, online lectures and study wasn’t going to be easy.  The hardest thing was getting started.   I have worked in the same … Continued

Meet the Team – Dave Wichmann

My 16 year career in the Royal Australian Navy included trade studies as an Electrical Fitter followed by a degree in Electrical Engineering. I spent time as a technician working my way to the rank of Lieutenant, where I was responsible for managing the workforce I was once a part of. I also served a … Continued