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Are you (really) being heard?

Too many recruiters – in-house and outsourced – rely on job matching as their technique for identifying and referring candidates; I can certainly attest to this.   I was in an industry forum with a number of other recruiters from both large and small organisations conducted by Australia’s largest employment, career and recruitment site that … Continued

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There has never been a better time to be in Australia

The latest ABS statistics show the unemployment rate dropped to 5.8% in November 2015, this is great news for companies and job seekers. Having a firm Human Resource plan in place now will help you capture your share of emerging business opportunities in the Australian marketplace. OCG has their finger on the best people available seeking new … Continued

Options Consulting Group Newsletter

Options Consulting Group Newsletter August 2015 Edition Our latest newsletter has now been released and ready for your viewing. Click on the picture to view the newsletter in full.   In this edition of Options@work, we discuss two critical issues: 1. Women in business leadership 2. Corporations, people and services that are associated with OCG that can … Continued

The Power of Competency Modeling to Make Informed Hiring Decisions

Article by Bill Schult found on LinkedIn discussion board “Psychometrics for Selection & Development”   Using competency modeling (also known as behavioral based selection) is a proven selection method. There have been many books written on competency based selection and numerous selection training courses delivered on how to use them. In spite of all of … Continued

After Redundancy – A Positive Guide

Being made redundant can cause psychological stress, almost as much stress as a death in the family. Often it has a negative impact on your value of loyalty and security. Surviving redundancy takes plenty of discipline and an unshakable belief in your own abilities.  It is important to have support and resources to assist in … Continued

Career Transition

Thousands of Australians experience unexpected job loss and career transition. This may be a result of corporate takeovers, continuing organisational restructuring, privatisation of the public sector or the increasing use of outsourcing. It is a fact that the workplace has fundamentally changed and that most employees at all levels in the Australian workforce, whether private … Continued

Contracting Is a Viable Option

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that there are now 1 million Independent Contractors, representing 10% of the total workforce in Australia. For many people the idea of becoming a contractor can be a daunting task due to the unknown or perception of complexity. The reality is the life of a Professional Contractor promises much; … Continued

A Few Important Tips to Help Your Job Search

Be Prepared   It is important to be prepared and stay organised. You need a place to work from; your workplace.  If you don’t have a study at home, you should endeavour to establish a quiet area where you can work from. Make sure it is comfortable, business-like and equipped with everything you need for … Continued