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Tips to minimise risk and cost in your recruitment process

Data varies – “The average cost of a bad hire is up to 30% of the earnings of the employee in the first year according to the Department of Labor. But a report from one CEO put the cost as high as $240,000. (US Department of Labor and Jörgen Sundberg, CEO of Link Humans)”. A … Continued

Loved, Supported or Abandoned?

  Loved, supported or abandoned?   Has this been your experience applying online for a new position advertised by a Recruiter?      No response to initial application      No return phone calls      No feedback/advice from your initial interview with recruiter      Made the shortlist, didn’t advance to next round – … Continued

Modern Day Boomerang

‘Boomerang’ recruits are tipped to be a growing recruitment trend in 2017, but what exactly are they and what are the benefits? A ‘boomerang’ is an employee who has gone back to a workplace where they were once previously employed. Depending on the circumstances of their initial departure, this can be a great way to … Continued

The Importance Of Business Culture in Hiring

  Qualifications and experience are important factors to consider when hiring, but one often-overlooked factor is culture. Making sure a potential employee is the right fit for your business can be a difficult process, but one that is well worth the time and effort. The cost of hiring someone who isn’t a good fit for … Continued

Recruitment in the off-season

Timing is an important factor to consider when recruiting someone to fill a position at your business, and it’s equally as important when it comes to recruiting for a sporting team. Options Consulting Group is a sponsor of the St Kilda Cricket Club, who are currently in the middle of their off-season. This is the … Continued

Emergence of Millennials

Eventually, we will see a shift in the workplace. The baby boomers, in the not too distant future, will be overtaken in quantity by millennials. The generational shift will correlate with shifts in the workplace, and human resources and recruitment is no exception. Failure to adapt your human resources strategies, in line with a future … Continued

Retention Strategies: The Why and How

Recruiting people is never easy. Finding the right fit for your organisation can provide a range of challenges. Do they have the right experience? Is there an alignment in our values? Will our goals motivate them to perform? But amidst the pressures of sourcing and hiring the right person, a fundamental element is often overlooked … Continued

Hi! You've reached…

When we talk about Personal Branding, we often think about our online profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook or your company’s website. These are all big elements of your brand, but how often do we think about the smaller features too? How often, for example, do you think about your voicemail? When was the last time you … Continued

I'm optimistic, are you?

Let me state from the outset I’m no economist just a long-time SME business owner, married father of 4; 3 working part-time whilst at University, 1 working in a full-time role and wife works part-time. The immediate impact of last night’s budget announcement was thank heavens we’re starting to think big again, investing in the future, … Continued

The Costs of a Bad Hire

“If you think that hiring professionals is expensive, try hiring amateurs” – Red Adair In today’s ultra-competitive and globalised marketplace, businesses are under increasing pressure to hire people who are motivated to reach the organisation’s objectives. But given the fast-moving pace of the business world, with many businesses these days being exceptionally time-poor, time spent … Continued