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Strategic Recruitment Leads to Competitive Advantage

Strategic Recruitment Leads to Competitive Advantage There is no doubting that Australian employers face recruitment constraints. Economic pressures and volatility, labour regulations and skill shortages in particular industries have persistently troubled organisations when seeking accurate recruitment practices. It goes without saying that when managed ineffectively, these challenges can cause significant costs to organisations. As a … Continued

Plug that Gap – NOW!

Short-term, Project or trial before committing to permanent appointment – these are just a few of the driving considerations for employers behind engaging a person on a contractual basis.This hiring trend is being favoured by many employers and OCG is expert in securing the right person in white collar professional, technical, Sales & Marketing, Finance … Continued

Meet The Team: John Arrowsmith

What is your speciality amongst the OCG team? As Principal of the Career Transition I am across the issues of helping people find their core skills and look for roles that maximise their capabilities and gain the outcome in relation to that they are looking to achieve. What do you believe OCG stands for? A … Continued

Human Resource Consulting or Recruitment?

Which form of resource management advice will assist in reaching organisational goals? When you are working every day and engrossed in your business activities, it can often be difficult to take a step back and identify issues that need to be rectified. Constraining factors can limit your professional objectivity resulting in unactionable behavioural patterns that … Continued

Headhunter, Executive Search or Recruitment Consultant?

Why try to distinguish between Head hunter, Executive Search and Recruitment Consultant? It’s 2016 and anyone worth their salt in the recruitment industry uses their own database of candidates – OCG has over 80,000 registered candidates because we’ve been building and managing our database since 1996 – and a variety of other candidate sourcing strategies … Continued

People; Assets Not Numbers

The OCG difference is how we understand candidate’s experiences and attributes and view each person as a potential asset, not just a number. We have a deep understanding and appreciation of competencies, attributes, process knowledge and how these are more readily transferrable than is often thought. Often “a fresh set of eyes” leads to a … Continued

Getting to Know Sarah Loh

At Options Consulting Group, our consultants take pride in ensuring their successful candidates settle in well. We check in regularly with new employees to ensure everyone is satisfied and benefitting. One of OCG’s recent success stories is Sarah Loh, who took office as the South Metro Junior Football League’s General Manager in July. Sarah Loh was … Continued

Recruitment: the key to a team’s success

It might be strange to think that an AFL team sitting 7th on the ladder has in fact made it through the 2016 AFL Grand Final but, for the Western Bulldogs team, this is just the case. How, might you ask have the dogs allowed themselves into this favourable position? One thing that has been … Continued

Are you (really) being heard?

Too many recruiters – in-house and outsourced – rely on job matching as their technique for identifying and referring candidates; I can certainly attest to this.   I was in an industry forum with a number of other recruiters from both large and small organisations conducted by Australia’s largest employment, career and recruitment site that … Continued

Successful Recruiting is like Golf

Recruiters use LinkedIn. This isn’t a trade secret. We use it to interact with clients, candidates and to develop possible connections. It’s used to keep up to date with news and as a platform to publish work. However at OCG, we have numerous other tools at our disposal. John Gilbert – OCG Owner/Principal explains it … Continued