Replace or Retain – A case for LEAP

Posted , September 20, 2018.

Options Consulting Group has been “Facilitating Growth in Business Through People” since 1990. If you take total employment cost associated with recruiting a new employee versus investment into a suitable and appropriate Leadership Capability Development program then the ROI on a Retention/Development strategy is far more reliable to produce the positive outcomes required of your… Read more »

Loved, Supported or Abandoned?

Posted , August 14, 2018.

  Loved, supported or abandoned?   Has this been your experience applying online for a new position advertised by a Recruiter?      No response to initial application      No return phone calls      No feedback/advice from your initial interview with recruiter      Made the shortlist, didn’t advance to next round –… Read more »

Time is tight, urgency is high and you need the job done – NOW

Posted , July 18, 2018.

  OCG Contract/Interim Management Division is your answer Since 1990 OCG has been in the business of solving short term resourcing issues for our clients across a broad range of needs – here’s just a small sample:   Accounting and Finance: Admin Officer, Bookkeeper, Cost Accountant, Finance Accountant, Management Accountant, AP/AC Officer, Payroll Officer, Payroll… Read more »

Do you need short-term solutions for your business?

Posted , June 22, 2018.

If you’re looking for flexible job opportunities, or looking to fill a short term role within your company, Options Consulting Group can provide you the best solution to suit your requirements.   OCG will provide you with Contractors and Interim Managers   At short notice   Across all disciplines   At competitive rates   OCG… Read more »

Returning to work & breaking out the books

Posted , June 12, 2018.

My decision to return to study, after many years – would you believe more than 25 years, wasn’t made lightly. I have four children and work so changing my routine to include; assignments, online lectures and study wasn’t going to be easy.  The hardest thing was getting started.   I have worked in the same… Read more »

Meet the Team – Dave Wichmann

Posted , June 5, 2018.

My 16 year career in the Royal Australian Navy included trade studies as an Electrical Fitter followed by a degree in Electrical Engineering. I spent time as a technician working my way to the rank of Lieutenant, where I was responsible for managing the workforce I was once a part of. I also served a… Read more »

Eugene’s Journey – Transition into life at OCG

Posted , May 1, 2018.

When asked to share my experience thus far, I was more than happy to participate. I joined OCG after having decided to leave my previous industry of Hospitality. I invested over 15 years into that International career as a department head and learned a great deal. Unfortunately that came to an end when I felt… Read more »

Why it’s important for CEO’s to have the final interview

Posted , March 2, 2018.

Hiring new talent into a company is one of the biggest factors that can determine a company’s success, so it only makes sense that a CEO should have some input in the hiring process. Often though they are deemed to be too busy and the task is left to someone else. A company’s CEO should… Read more »

Traits To Avoid In A Manager

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Managing people in a work environment can be an incredibly difficult job. If you want to make sure you are getting the best out of your employees then you will need to have someone in place that is capable of motivating people as well as delegating the right job to the right person. But what… Read more »

Employee Holiday Management

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Managing your employees’ holidays can be a nightmare over the Christmas and New Year period. Whether it’s people not taking leave, taking too much leave or not taking it at the right time, the end of the year can often be the busiest time of the year for HR departments. Perhaps the biggest problem employers… Read more »