Campbell MacKintosh – CCEO, BA Accountancy


Campbell MacKintosh Photo1Campbell MacKintosh consults and advises small and medium-sized business owners assisting them to optimise the performance of their businesses.


His wealth of experience comes from working for 30 years in large and medium corporate organisations within Australia and Asia as well as successfully managing, investing in and selling a privately owned SME in 2011.


Campbell is a business all-rounder but has particular expertise in strategic sales and marketing, financial management and governance, quality systems and doing business in Asia.


He is a passionate and driven person who in his working career has accepted many challenging roles. These roles have included the establishment of a start-up steel building products business in Indonesia as well as the turnaround of the Australian division of a UK plastics products manufacturer.


Campbell has demonstrated his ability to manage small and medium-sized organisations understanding the dynamics and requirements to be successful. He has shown an outstanding ability to lead and develop people to deliver results. He understands the key elements of achieving profitable business growth through targeted and dynamic sales and marketing strategies coupled with structured and effective financial and operational management.


He has demonstrated that he understands the unique dynamics of doing business in Asia. He has earned the trust and respect of the people he has had business dealings within Asia, which has allowed him to achieve outstanding results.


Campbell has an accountancy degree from the University of South Australia but has also had extensive training in marketing, quality management and logistics. In 2011, Campbell achieved the qualification of Certified CEO (CCEO) from The CEO Institute.


Campbell is the founder of Focalise Consulting which advises small and medium-sized business owners by providing a “fresh pair of eyes” to assist them to further develop and grow their businesses.


In 2016, Campbell launched his book, The Asian opportunity. This book is designed to help the reader understand common myths about expanding into the Asian market. The book is aimed at small-medium sized businesses,


Campbell’s LinkedIn can be found here.

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