Posted , September 11, 2015.


OCG have been solving staff shortages for 25 years by connecting the right candidate to the right job.
There are many benefits to hiring contractors, including

  • Flexibility
  • Access to highly experienced people with your industry experience
  • Allowing you to focus on your current work load

Why choose Options Consulting Group?

1. OCG recruits across all disciplines. Should you need employees in Finance, Sales & Marketing, Operations & Manufacturing, Engineering, Human Resources, OH&S, Quality, IT or Supply Chain & Logistics, we will solve your problem.

2.OCG’s competitive contract rates include professional indemnity, public liability, workcover, superannuation, payroll tax and administration – all conveniently delivered via an e-time sheet approval.

3. OCG’s fees and terms & conditions are unrivaled. We also offer a 12 month replacement guarantee for permanent appointments.

Contact our expert team of consultants John Gilbert, James McVey, Kate Lacey& Chris Wood on 03 9693 9300 to discuss how we can solve your permanent and short-term resourcing problems.