Posted , May 26, 2014.


OCG Interim Management/Contracting Division provides ACTUAL solutions to:


  • Manage Return to Work/Work Health Safety
  • Developing Business plans
  • Remove bottlenecks in production planning
  • Cover increased workload
  • Fill employment/staffing gaps
  • Facilitate I.R Strategy
  • Review & implement Supply Chain strategy
  • Review & implement Purchasing/Procurement improvements & efficiencies
  • Review Competency Assessment records & institute “up-skill” training
  • Human Resources Management


OCG will solve your resource shortage NOW – either project, short-term OR permanently.


  • OCG competitive CONTRACT rates include professional indemnity, public liability, workcover, superannuation, payroll tax & administration – conveniently delivered via e-timesheet approval.
  • OCG fees, terms & conditions – and guarantees for PERMANENT appointments is unrivalled.


Contact our expert team of consultants Kate Lacey, Duncan Fraser-Smith, Chris Wood,
Mike Chapman & John Gilbert on 03 9693 9300 to discuss  how we can solve your permanent &/or short-term resourcing problem.



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