Posted , September 20, 2018.

Options Consulting Group has been “Facilitating Growth in Business Through People” since 1990.

If you take total employment cost associated with recruiting a new employee versus investment into a suitable and appropriate Leadership Capability Development program then the ROI on a Retention/Development strategy is far more reliable to produce the positive outcomes required of your business strategy.

The total employment cost equation is expensive enough when you consider time and costs invested in recruitment, on-boarding, induction training, and missed targets as new employees get up to speed. If this appointment is replacing one of your better performers then there’s also lost performance, fragile client relationships and loss of company Intellectual Property to be accounted for.

But then – what if your new hiring turns out to be a bad hire! Total employment cost is then far too expensive to contemplate.

The case for raising effectiveness capability in your employees – and particularly in leadership roles is well understood however, finding a pragmatic program that captures learnings and applies them into real situations within your own company is the Holy Grail because you can actually calculate the ROI in the development strategy. Of course there will be other very positive outcomes for your business by adopting a capability development approach including improved morale, constructive and employee commitment to cite just a few beneficial examples.

And investment per employee is a fraction of new hiring total cost!

Options Consulting Group LEAP Leadership Effectiveness Accelerated Program is –

  • A 3 Module 10 step workshop delivered over 12 months
  • Specifically designed to address skills and attributes required to be effective in today’s workplace
  • Deliberately designed to not disrupt daily workplace demands.
  • Capture and apply learnings within the organisation
  • Delivered in small group setting


If this approach appeals to you, contact John Gilbert of Sally Close of Options Consulting Group for further information.

Sally Close, Partner – LEAP has over 20 years’ experience managing teams in both Operational Leadership and Human Resources and is passionate about how to effectively close the gap between learning  and applied  learning for maximum benefit to the organisation.

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