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The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that there are now 1 million independent contracting workers, representing 10% of the total workforce in Australia.
For many people, the idea of becoming a contractor can be a daunting task due to the unknown or perception of complexity.
The reality is the life of a Professional Contractor promises much; working for yourself, independence, work/life balance and leveraging your skills to benefit your professional and personal goals.

So, what is contracting?

Scenario 1
Contractors are hired for a fixed period of time to deliver a required outcome or piece of work. The length of engagement is established at the outset. The contract specifies an end date or on completion of a specific task. An alternative to permanent work, it often allows individuals the chance for career advancement that suits personal circumstances.

Scenario 2
Sometimes companies have a need to fill an on-going role but are not currently in a position to make a permanent appointment. On occasion, these arrangements may lead to contract extensions or an offer of permanent employment.

Contracting can offer an individual;

  • More money. Contracting pays an average of 20% more than permanent employment.
  • Presents variety and flexibility along with new challenges.
  • More learning opportunities.
  • Independence – be your own boss!
  • Less boredom, a breadth of new subjects.
  • Helps you build your skill levels at various companies in a shorter amount of time
  • Allows you to get your foot in the door and make contacts.

A Professional Contractor requires the peace of mind of having safe, convenient employment structures to optimise the contractor advantage.

Working through a contractor Management Company is a risk-free and easy way to switch from permanent employment to a professional contractor.

By providing compliant, managed structures, a management company allows a contractor to focus on what you do well while someone else takes care of the administration, payment distribution and are guaranteeing fully compliant and include outstanding personal service.

Given the current job market and salary options available, if your skills are in high demand and you would like to maximise your income at your current level of experience, Professional Contracting is an excellent career vehicle.

OCG have partnered with Oncore Services to be able to provide advice and contractor structures to individuals including the benefits of salary packaging directly to the individual.

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