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When to use a CV versus Executive Summary – both have distinctive purpose and effectiveness.

An executive summary is a condensed overview of your career highlights, experiences, competencies and achievements. It’s a one page ‘attention getter’ effectively used when networking for your next or ideal role.

The sole purpose of an executive summary is to have your network pass consistent and objective information about yourself so you can be assured you’re being accurately represented.

CV’S must be up to date with the order of information starting with biographical information, academic & (relevant) additional training followed by latest/current role FIRST.

A common fault in CV’s is to assume the reader knows about the employers named in the CV – in most cases they don’t! Ensure you include a brief description of the company’s cited in your CV.

Also, it is more relevant to cite your key achievements in each role than listing role responsibilities as these are mostly generic. Make sure your key achievements will be endorsed during the background checking process.

Sample Executive Summary