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Options Consulting Group provides expert validated profiling and assessment technologies to assist with a wide variety of applications including recruitment, leadership and development & personal development.
These measures include:

  • Behaviour (D.I.S.C)
  • Motivation (Business Motivators)
  • Personality (Outmatch)
  • Skills Competency (Outmatch)
  • Psychometric Testing (Outmatch)
  • Sales Knowledge (Sales Acumen)

Intellectual and personality assessments are valuable tools in the recruitment and selection process, particularly when used at an early stage. Most can be completed on line which means candidates can complete the surveys from any location via the web. The easy to interpret reports, some with interview and reference check probes, can be processed quickly and forwarded to the hiring stakeholders electronically.

Options Consulting Group has a suite of assessment technologies that are a standard component of our recruitment process. These tools are also available to our clients for their recruitment and staff assessment programs.

All the surveys we use and recommend have been developed by well-regarded and reputable organisational psychologists.

They should not be viewed as a test that an external or internal candidate for a role, passes or fails; they are designed to provide insights into behaviours, personality and in some cases competency, along with development needs.

Nor should they be used at the end of a process, before a final decision is made, to ensure you are ‘not making a mistake’.

They are cost effective and simple to interpret, written in modern English business language, and when utilized in recruitment processes, provide insights into the behaviours, personality and in some cases intellectual abilities, of short list candidates.