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Outsourcing Recruitment and Protecting Your Employment Brand

In today’s competitive employment market, it is more important than ever to ensure your organisations image and reputation isn’t tarnished by outsourcing practices which could lead to potentially harmful backlash from candidates.
One thing you should never outsource’ (Cain, 2014), details one employers experience with offshore reference checking.
The author was attempting to provide a reference to an interviewer with “only a basic grasp of English” and who lacked the necessary experience (Cain, 2014). They concluded that “the management of the business . . . doesn’t have a clue” (Cain, 2014).
This is an example of how outsourcing practices can be detrimental to your employment brand.
If you decide to outsource recruitment, it is critical your chosen business partner or ‘Trusted Advisor,’ be able to protect and promote your employment brand. This is achieved by your partner being able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of your business environment, company’s culture, values & strategic drivers, along with the challenge and opportunities of the specific role.
Your Trusted Advisor must also be an effective project manager capable of facilitating and communicating in the best interest of both client & candidate. Do not compromise a quality outcome simply on the basis of reduced fees – their processes & practices, expertise and judgement will impact your company’s reputation.
Having decided to outsource, it is of upmost importance before selecting your provider that you take into account;
How does my business tick?

  • At the initial assignment briefing establish whether the consultant is capable of understanding the significance of culture and values alignment, the full nature of the position and required performance.
  • What is their strategy for handling internal candidates?
  • Does the outsource recruitment process add value to the development of my existing employees?

Something new or more of the same

  • What approach does the consultant employ – recruit to the position description or recruit to the desirable competencies, behaviours, skills, experiences and performance
  • Do they recruit to fill the job or do they recruit talented “winners?”
  • How effective is their talent identification strategy – do they have more than the standard approach?
  • Do they stand behind their performance with effective and realistic warranty statements?
  • Do they have demonstrable and rigorous processes and communication strategies for dealing with ALL candidates throughout the recruitment process – assess whether or not it effectively represents the values branding of your organisation.
  • Ask them to quote their own Values & Ethics Statement and judge if it aligns with all stakeholder expectations.

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