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OCG Interim/ Contract Division

OCG Interim and Contract Division – HIRE RIGHT PEOPLE NOW

When do I need a contractor or interim Manager?
OCG is regularly encountering the follow scenarios and providing a cost-effective solution to our clients, both SMEs and larger companies. While there are many reasons you may find the need for a contractor, the following are situations OCG has helped clients through.

Scenario 1:

Business restructure and staff stretched to the max, causing delays, cost over-runs, strained relationships and missed opportunities.

Scenario 2:

Key time sensitive business initiatives need to be completed to deliver expected benefits. As a result, daily business routines are put under stress as vital resources are redirected elsewhere.

Scenario 3:

An unexpected resignation of key people, causing disruption and insecurity. It can take up to 6 months before the vacancy is filled, and you need someone to take on the tasks in the interim.

Scenario 4:

Key campaigns to support planned business activity need to be managed and delivered. A cost effective solution is to convert fixed cost employment to a project-based costing model.

Scenario 5:

Emerging business requirements need to be carefully managed in the initial phase to ensure there is no over-commitment. This can be scoped, budgeted and managed for a defined period to accurately ascertain on-going requirements.
Contractors with specialist technical skills, specific industry knowledge, business acumen and leadership experience are readily available.You might find that you fit into one of the above scenarios, or something different again. Engaging an OCG Professional on contract is a simple and easy process – our competitive rates include professional indemnity, public liability, WorkCover, superannuation, payroll tax & administration – conveniently delivered via e-timesheet approval.
Whatever your need, Options Consulting Group has over 26 years experience working with contractors across many industries. We work to help you find the right fit for your business, workplace and needs. Call today to speak to our consultants and discuss your situation on (03) 9693 9300.