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5 [more] LinkedIn Fixes That Will Get You Noticed

Earlier in the year, we wrote the article ‘5 LinkedIn Fixes That Will Get You Noticed’. It’s been one of our most popular posts, so we thought we’d give you five [more] fixes. 
Order your skills properly.
It is important that you leave generic skills to last in order to get noticed. This means that you should put MS Word and PowerPoint after industry specific skills like Recruitment Advertising or Social Media Marketing. If you’re unsure how to do this, LinkedIn explains it here.
Join groups
Use LinkedIn what it was designed for – networking. Join groups that are relevant to your industry. If you’re unsure, try joining Women in the Boardroom – Leadership or Australian Manufacturing Supports Forum. Joining groups is a great way to make real connections and read about industry-specific developments. Once you’re comfortable, you can comment, like and post your own insights or information to help others in your groups. This will ensure you’re noticed by industry relevant connections.
Link to portfolios, projects websites etc.
LinkedIn makes sharing your external portfolios easy. Whether it’s a website, blog or photo gallery, link it in your profile to give potential clients or employers a clear idea of what you do. Alternatively, if you’re a writer, you may want to publish your work as an ‘article’, which means others can read it on their feeds.
Add volunteer work
Whether you helped coach the under 13’s Winter season, or you’ve spent 10 years on the school committee, consider adding it as volunteer work. This helps employers and connections identify your values.
Stay active
There is little point of setting up your profile effectively if you’re not going to use it. When you meet someone, add them as a connection. Check in for five minutes a day to read through your feed. Don’t be afraid to send messages, comment on articles that you find interesting or get involved. Make LinkedIn work for you.