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The facts prove Career Transition support is vital in securing your next role

In our ever changing world, industries are bound to go through disruptions, technological advancements and changes, and this is not always the best news for job stability. At OCG we provide solid and proven career transition coaching and counselling to ensure you are equipped and prepared to address the challenges of securing your next role.
pexels-photo-48734Career transitioning support is available and vital to securing your next preferred role. The best support helps prepare you psychologically, emotionally, and practically with job sourcing tips, interview skills and appropriate CV information all geared to equipping you for the challenges in today’s workplace.
We recently surveyed over 8000 people who have registered with Options Consulting Group in the last 2 years on career transitioning. The results were interesting. Our results found just under 70% of respondents have never used career transitioning support nor had been offered it. Yet over 70% of those that had been engaged in Career Transition said that it did help and would recommend it to others in the future.
Career transition support is a sensible, pragmatic support in developing the tools, attitude and strategies you will need to secure your next role. OCG programs include transition to retirement support programs. If you’d like to know more please contact John Arrowsmith on (03) 9693 9300.