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Recruitment in the off-season

Timing is an important factor to consider when recruiting someone to fill a position at your business, and it’s equally as important when it comes to recruiting for a sporting team. Options Consulting Group is a sponsor of the St Kilda Cricket Club, who are currently in the middle of their off-season.
This is the perfect time to recruit for the upcoming season, allowing the players and coaches plenty of time and training to get to know each other before their first game. Getting players in early allows them to spend more time training with each other, helping them mesh together and play as a team. It also allows new players time to get to know the culture of the club and form bonds with other players off the field before the season officially starts.  The same applies to businesses.
Doing your recruiting at a time when business has slowed down and workload has decreased gives new employees time to adjust to their new surroundings. It also means co-workers and superiors will have more time to show them the ropes and properly train them on new procedures and systems they may not be used to.