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Before outsourcing your recruitment consider these facts

There’s a developing trend when outsourcing recruitment to appoint multiple recruiters to source candidates for the same role – I can only imagine there’s a (false) belief that this will “speed up” the process and/or provide a wider choice. Current recruitment platforms and social media Technology are very useful “enablers” if used wisely by recruiters able to combine the use of technology with the respect and etiquette people deserve.

What actually happens in the rush by recruiters to put candidates forward ahead of the queue is clients are served piecemeal as a result of recruiters being driven by competition, sales targets and commissions.

This approach severely hampers a strategic approach to candidate sourcing, identification, qualification and recommendation. In today’s employment environment where job security is valued very highly, a strategic approach to recruitment is the most likely to deliver results.

Worse still, where a specific candidate profile is being sought it’s not unusual for these candidates to be contacted by more than one recruiter claiming to represent the client organisation which is both annoying to them and potentially damaging to the clients “employment brand”.

Here are a few guidelines for outsourcing recruitment.

  1. Engage your outsourcing partner exclusively – minimise confusion and maximise results
  2. Set the timelines and strategy for sourcing candidates
  3. Agree at the outset the nature and frequency of communication between client and outsourcing partner in order to eliminate time wasters
  4. Work together – employ a partnership versus supplier approach
  5. Plan to invest the time to properly identify and qualify suitable candidates
  6. Be prepared to progress from initial shortlist to final interview/offer stage in an efficient and timely manner – excellent candidates are scarce in today’s employment environment

Also when outsourcing your next recruitment assignment consider the stark differences between choosing a:

Recruiter – “an individual who works to fill job openings in businesses or organisations” or

Consultant – “experienced professional who provides expert knowledge”

John Gilbert
Principal – Options Consulting Group
T: 03 9693 9300
M: 0408 697 128