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Career Transition Trends in 2017

John Arrowsmith is the Principal of Options Consulting Group’s Career Transition Division. With a career history working in outplace, he has an incredible amount of knowledge to share. John advises that 70-80% of jobs are filled via networking, rather than job ads. For this reason, it’s imperative that while in career transition, you develop and leverage your networks to the best of your ability.
LinkedIn is being used by recruiters, however, many job seekers could be using it in a more meaningful way. John suggests using it as a tool for networking and reconnecting with past contacts. It should also be used to regain a lost contact, to network effectively and message people to catch up and reconnect. Find out more about LinkedIn tips here.
One-page plan
One of John’s key pieces of advice is to take a ‘one-page plan’ to each network meeting. Doing this takes the pressure off you, putting you at ease with who you’re reaching out to. It can also then be taken away by your contact, so they can refer to it later.
The purpose of this page is to provide the reader with a guide to skills you have to add maximum value to an organisation.
Therefore, it should include:

  • Your contact details – email address, phone number etc. This means if your contact passes your details onto someone else, they don’t have to worry about ensuring your details are correct.
  • You should include your career summary and goals so the reader gets a quick overview of who you are and what your needs are
  • List your 4/5 core capabilities, include examples of achievements to show application
  • At the bottom, list your industry groups: eg. FMCG/retail etc. so the reader has a more in-depth understanding of companies you’re trying to target

Two more names
John is known in the office as the king of networking, and he implores one last piece of advice – every time you speak to someone in your network, you should walk away with the names of two more people to talk to.

John Arrowsmith
Principal – Career Transition
T: 03 9693 9300
M: 0408 471 734