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How an Interim Professional can benefit your Business

In order to sustain a competitive position in today’s business environment companies need to embrace both technology and challenge conventional Human Resource traditions to create a workforce which includes interim professionals and executive leaders as part of their resourcing strategy.


Supplementing key staffing numbers with Interim Professionals allows daily business processes to continue with minimum disruption AND deliver strategic initiatives or cover planned vacancies within budget and in line with expected business outcomes.


Beyond the obvious benefits of engaging an interim professional is:

  • enthusiasm for the task or project based on their expertise and record
  • a fresh perspective to the task or process
  • potential mentoring of key permanent staff
  • smooth handover on completion


Typical scenarios where a short term professional could support your business:

  • Strategic and critical projects
  • Backfill a permanent position
  • Planned/unplanned leave
  • Trial before permanent appointment
  • Mentoring


Access to short term professionals will deliver benefits to your business and support growth, facilitate projects or focus on your company’s needs.


Options Consulting Group welcome you to open discussion on how we can support your business needs with our proven talent management strategy. Call Claire on 03 9693 9300, for a confidential discussion. Alternatively, forward your details to