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When flexing your workforce means severing employment

Now more than ever organisations need flexibility to respond to ever evolving challenges. The horizon for long term strategies is shortening and decisions need to be made quickly.

Changes to supply chains, manufacturing schedules, and expertise requirements are all part of the management decision matrix.

Flexibility on the people side is never easy – finding the right people, developing, and keeping them is vital. When the mix of strategic skills need to change, we often need to act quickly. If we decide that existing skills are no longer aligned to the organisations needs, changing expertise is difficult.

Commonly, long-term experience and skills is having to be replaced where people cannot upskill or be redeployed. The decision of how to help people find roles better aligned to their skills and expertise is often challenging. It is difficult to ask people to leave an organisation.

Options Consulting’s Career Transition Solution is a proven and focused resource. We have skilled and experienced consultants to assist throughout the process and ensure the people being outplaced have a smooth exit from your workplace and are strongly supported, to help them find their next employment opportunity.

We help people focus on career direction and transitioning, realigning their skills, development of application documents, interview skills and months of ongoing support on a one-on-one basis.

As well as our focus on the outplaced person we advise you how best to manage the termination process and manage the messages to those who remain. This is a key aspect to ensuring there is no actual or perceived negativity which could impact on culture and commitment.

To think through the direction and options available speak to one of our Career Transition specialists by clicking here.