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The employment landscape is on a steep tilt!

The employment pendulum has shifted to a candidate driven market and we believe it is important for our candidates to understand that whilst it is enticing, accepting a counteroffer is not always the best choice.

In the past 24 hours, our consultants have dealt with numerous candidates accepting counter – offers ranging from a 15% – 40% salary increase.

Employers be warned: When offering a counter, be aware an increase in pay does not address the cause of the employee exit and typically Counter-Offers are a short-term fix when firms need a long-term solution.

And before you accept that counter-offer be aware:

An Increase Salary DOES NOT Equal an Increase in Motivation

  • Following the acceptance of a counter-offer, 55% of employees report greater unhappiness and decreased levels of commitment (Chen and White, 2018)

There Is a Potential for An Uncomfortable Corporate Culture Once Your Loyalties Have Been Questioned

  • Only 16% of employees who accept counter-offers believe their relationship with their employer improved post-offer. (Chen and White, 2018)

Can You Achieve the Goals That You Envisioned for Yourself Had You Accepted a New Role?

  • Instead of chasing money, acquire new skills, develop your talent, and show your passion. The money will always follow – trust me! (CISO for Voya Financial, Raj Badhwar, 2021)

It may be appealing but a short-term monetary gain is not necessarily the wisest next career step


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