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An Optimistic Industry

Manufacturer’s Monthly latest report (April 5th) articulates the broad sentiments of the industry and highlights key findings from the inaugural CommBank Manufacturing Insights report.

The report suggests that the next 12 months for the industry will be full of vigour, with 58 % of all manufacturers expect revenue to rise with the majority (53%) expecting it to flow through to the bottom line. Evidently, there is a welcomed sense of optimism throughout the industry.

Encouragingly, the report suggests 42 per cent of organisations are set to increase their headcount relative to the past two years. Internally, Mark Couter, executive general manager of Commercial Banking at CBA also believes to capture these growth opportunities, manufacturers are prioritising investment in their people, supply chain efficiencies, and technology.

At OCG we have a history of successful partnering with organisations to facilitate growth for both the organisation and its people. Our modus operandi is to be a consultative partner, and we will not waver.

The inaugural CommBank Manufacturing Insights report excites us and our consultative approach fosters growth. Our services provide:

  • Permanent and Interim Recruitment
  • Consulting
  • Leadership Development
  • Sales Performance

Click Here to read the CommBank Manufacturing Insights report.

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