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Options Consulting Group provides exceptional people for projects and/or to cover short term needs.
OCG will provide you with Contractors & Interim Managers:

  • At short notice
  • Across all disciplines
  • At competitive rates

OCG Contractors & Interim Managers are covered by:

  • $20M Professional Indemnity
  • $20M Public Liability
  • WorkCover
  • Superannuation (where applicable)
  • Payroll administration and tax

Recruitment, Selection & Engagement:

  • OCG conducts a formal briefing to scope the task and develop a thorough understanding of the best suited candidate
  • In all cases people referred to you by OCG will have been subjected to interview by one of our expert team of consultants using behavioural & targeted Selection techniques. Each person will have had background checks conducted & an appropriate form of assessment
  • Once you have made a selection decision, OCG manages the client relationship & contractor performance throughout the engagement

Client benefits of engaging OCG Contractors & Interim Managers:

  • Clients can budget the short term costs, manage their cash flow and consider future needs without being concerned about additional &/or hidden costs
  • OCG can provide contractors to cover most disciplines and at short notice
  • OCG Contractors are covered with compliant, managed structures, allowing the contractor to fully focus on the assignment
  • OCG takes care of the contractor administration, payment distribution and monitors their performance
  • Payment to contractors & client invoicing is generated on agreed cycles & conveniently delivered via e-timesheet approval
  • Clients can now confidently discuss interim management strategies with OCG in addition to their permanent employment needs



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