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Workforce planning is an excellent strategy to address your resourcing requirements to be ready for business changes and growth.

Talent shortages are on the rise, OCG is committed to identifying highly skilled professionals and assisting through more informed hiring decisions. Supported by our thorough recruitment process, we ensure the right skillset is identified and the candidates are available when required.

OCG is partnering with companies and assisting with their strategic human resource decisions. Clients can discuss their interim management strategies confidentially, to ensure that the right number of people are ready for necessary assignments that will meet business goals.



As innovation continues to change the Australian business landscape, so too does the necessary skillset requirements of personnel. Sourcing qualified talent can be arduous for business owners which can affect a company’s ability to finalise a project or manage a position – this can be potentially detrimental to the bottom line.

Our Interim Solutions division recruitment is tailored to our clients ad-hoc needs and can supply resources at short notice. With our service, clients can budget the short term costs, manage their cash flow and consider future needs without being concerned about additional and/or hidden costs.

Guaranteed, during the course of the engagement, OCG manages the client relationship and the individual’s performance throughout.



In the ever changing job market more professionals are choosing to work in a free-lance capacity.

OCG supports Independent professionals by ensuring compliance protects both parties during the course of the engagement, allowing the individual to fully focus on the tasks.


To explore our Interim Solutions and discover how we can support your business. To speak to one of our Consultants you can call on (03) 9693 9300, alternatively you can send us an enquiry.