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At OCG, we are passionate about supporting managers and the leadership work they do in influencing others to achieve business outcomes as we know it’s one of the most critical factors in building employee engagement and delivering sustainable performance.
We also know that leadership poses a distinct relational status/challenge for managers – one that is very different to being either a peer or a boss – so that becomes the focus of the practical development work we offer through our L.E.A.P. (Leadership Effectiveness Accelerated Pathways) solutions.

When you think L.E.A.P., think:

  • Leadership effectiveness – helping you find ways to strengthen or refine your traits, expertise, and leadership practices so that you have greater levels of influence
  • Accelerated Pathways – structuring your development so that you can apply your learning on-the-job immediately, and continue to build new habits in a supported way


Our L.E.A.P solutions are appropriate for all people leaders from executive leadership levels through to emerging leaders and includes opportunities for:

  • Individual or personalised coaching to adopt more transformational behaviours alongside management routines
  • Supporting management and leadership teams adapt their practices and build more effective forms of collaboration
  • Supporting front-line leaders deal with the challenges of building effective and connected teams.


Our L.E.A.P solutions continue to evolve and explain the recent launch of our 2022 Team Alignment program and its focus on aligning employees and their needs to the business priorities; click here for more information
With L.E.A.P, you can be confident that you are targeting the leadership skills and attributes required in today’s workplace, and that the applied learnings and outcomes are being captured within the organisation.