L.E.A.P. Is a practical on the job and time friendly approach to enhance leadership techniques and behaviours, organisation culture and improve business performance.

Developed by Options Consulting Group, The core of  The L.E.A.P. EFFECT is a focus on positive relationship building techniques and habit-forming behaviours.

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Get a better understanding of the “why” factor in decision making and actions you will have the basis to build positive and constructive relationships – let us show you how by watching the introduction video to The L.E.A.P. Effect!

The L.E.A.P. EFFECT Introduction

We step you through the 4 key platforms of engaging leadership – from Maintaining Rapport techniques through to Coaching for full potential – equipping you to become champions of effective leadership within your organisation.

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    Manager – Employee Relationships

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    Team Alignment Benefits

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    Why L.E.A.P EFFECT and how is it delivered


    L.E.A.P solutions are appropriate for executive leadership levels through to emerging leaders and includes opportunities for:

    ►  Individual or personalised coaching to adopt more transformational behaviours alongside management routines

    ►  Supporting management and leadership teams adapt their practices and build more effective forms of collaboration

    ►  Supporting front-line leaders deal with the challenges of building effective and connected teams.

    L.E.A.P solutions continue to evolve the 2022 Team Alignment program addresses aligning employees and their needs to the business priorities.

    What are the 2022 Program Options?


    We will be offering three (3) open programs over the July – December 2022 period.

    ►  Program A (July -October). Covers all 4 disciplines and run over 4 consecutive months.

    ►  Program B (September – December). Covers all 4 disciplines and run over 4 consecutive months.

    ►  Program C provides an option to participate in 1-2 modules only and run in parallel over the August – November 2022

    All programs will be delivered remotely to cohorts of between 6-10 participants to facilitate learning and peer contributions.

    2022 Program fees have been set at $3,300 pp (Program A & B) and $1,100 per module (Program C)
    (prices inclusive of 10% GST charges)

    Contact our Program Coordinator, Jack, for specific enquiries about the Open Program schedules, modules, and pricing.