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There has never been a better time to be in Australia

The latest ABS statistics show the unemployment rate dropped to 5.8% in November 2015, this is great news for companies and job seekers.
Having a firm Human Resource plan in place now will help you capture your share of emerging business opportunities in the Australian marketplace.
OCG has their finger on the best people available seeking new career challenges whether for:

We have a thorough appreciation of the relationship between competencies and work process. Above all, we have a thorough understanding of behaviour, values and culture alignment which is fundamental to all hiring success.
Our focus is Australia’s Industrial Products manufacturers and distributors in Food, Chemicals, Packaging, building/construction  and Engineered Products.

Jan newsletter ABS graph
We know how to engage and understand the issues faced by our served markets and clients – we have been
dedicated to our served markets since 1990.
And you won’t better our fees, terms, guarantees or after placement support.
If you need great people, it is worth calling Options Consulting Group. Contact John Gilbert, Sharyn Cocks or Kate Lacey
on (03) 9693 9300.  Let us help you capture your share of opportunities.