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Are you (really) being heard?

Too many recruiters – in-house and outsourced – rely on job matching as their technique for identifying and referring candidates; I can certainly attest to this.

I was in an industry forum with a number of other recruiters from both large and small organisations conducted by Australia’s largest employment, career and recruitment site that posed the question, “what else can we do for you?” The general response was “introduce more filtering questions to the online application process because we receive too many (irrelevant!!) applications”. My reaction was of amazement, that so-called leading recruitment companies were happy to eliminate everybody with ambition, talent, transferable competencies and related industry experience in favour of only those candidates that matched the job specification.
Just recently I met with a senior executive currently in career transition who in their previous role had established an in-house and preferred supplier recruitment strategy. Ironically, now as a candidate in the current jobs market, they are lamenting how difficult it is to get past HR and be heard when applying for positions because of this job matching practice aimed at eliminating candidates, not exploring the potential of candidates.
How does job matching affect you?When it comes to applying for roles, I know you think you’re aligned with the advertised job description and want an opportunity to discuss your experiences, achievements and how this relates to your job application.  Unfortunately, it’s easy for recruiters who limit candidate evaluation to job matching; you’re either in or out at this stage of the recruitment process – and without any discussion.
What I really know is you want to be heard.
You want a discussion about your competencies, related experiences and career aspirations. If your application is not aligned with the job specification, you want a discussion about how your competencies and experiences can be applied in other industry sectors. You want to know how best to go about the daunting task of your next career move.
You want to be heard – you’re not a number, you’re a person.
It’s my strongly held view that today’s suite of recruitment technologies coupled with “job matching” recruitment techniques is in grave danger of “de-humanising” the very fraught experience of making the right career move – and missing out on identifying the best person for the job.
John Gilbert is the Owner/Principal of Options Consulting Group. OCG specialises in client and candidate relationship management in human resource solutions delivered to the manufacturing; finance and insurance; building and construction sectors throughout Australia. Our Typical client is either privately owned, has Venture Capital/Private Equity partners or is a regional office of a global organisation.
John can be contacted on (03) 9693 9300, or email 
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