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Crisis to Problem Solved – in 48 hours

Our Consultants – Paul Bui and John Gilbert – recently worked together on a permanent recruitment assignment that quickly turned into an urgent requirement to cover unforeseen job transition issues.
The task: provide Procurement Manager Candidates for a permanent role available to start within 4-6 weeks of accepting a job offer.
Within 2 working days of getting started our client called to amend the job requirement – the role was now a contract position, and the employee needed to start as soon as possible.
Startup Stock PhotoThe advert was reworked and published on day one. Candidates were informed of the role change and our team got to work finding the right person for the new position. Paul searched our extensive OCG database of registered candidates and reached out to our wider network of NPA recruiters hoping that one of our partners may have a candidate to suggest.
Our database produced a number of likely candidates and Paul contacted them immediately by telephone. After a successful Skype interview the same day, a meeting with the client was organised for day two. That same afternoon there was a job offer and the successful candidate started a 4-month contract 2 days later. The crisis was solved in 48 hours.
OCG do more than post job adverts on SEEK, INDEED, other jobs boards and search LinkedIn. We use our extensive database; we discuss the situation with our NPA partners and we listen and understand our client needs.
Contracting is a fast and economical solution to a staffing resource problem – it ensures our clients meet all planned and unexpected skilled staffing needs.
It is also a rapidly emerging career choice for many highly experienced, skilled Professional and Technical people with much to offer.
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