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Landit – The New LinkedIn?

Landit, a startup platform developed by Lisa Skeete Tatum was launched earlier this month. It’s designed to help women through career transition, by offering advice and structure to what can be a difficult and stressful process. With other competitors like LinkedIn and, it has a stronger focus on helping women excel in their professional careers.

The key features include a ‘play book’, to-dos, insights, and accomplishments. When asked why the site focuses on women’s career advancements, Skeete Tatum explained that “the challenges of advancement, the challenges of engagement, are more acute with women.”

When you first create your profile, you are given the option to import your Linkedin information or start from scratch. I decided not to use my Linkedin profile in order to see what exactly what the process entails. It took between 20-30 minutes to set everything up and get to my ‘playbook’. I was asked questions regarding my experience, my career goals and my current role.

So far, I’ve found a few gems on the site. Under the ‘personal brand’ tab, you’ll be asked to evaluate things like your brand statement and your bio/CV. Personal branding is big at the moment, and rightly so. A good brand statement can be used by candidates on Linkedin profiles and in CVs, and the template can also be used for companies looking at their branding strategies. The great thing about Landit is that they know things change, so you can always go back and edit your statement if through your experiences and accomplishments your personal brand develops – or changes altogether.

Ladit’s home page on the mobile browser.

It also prompts you to ‘check in’ once a fortnight and review five topics; personal, work, brand building, strengthening your network, and skill development. While these are broad topics to evaluate twice a month, you have free reign to be as specific or general as you want in your achievements.

As the site is relatively new, there are some teething issues that are yet to be ironed out. The key issue for me is that it’s heavily based on an American job market, so it doesn’t present any Australian jobs or fellowships that are located in Australia – let alone Victoria. It’s also unclear if it will run a model like Linkedin does with Recruiter, where you can be directly approached by potential employees. If nothing else, it does what it’s designed to do – it acts as your career playbook.

The next stage of the development of Landit would be the release of an app, which hopefully is in the works. Whilst the site functions on mobile browsers, I would enjoy the added benefits that come with mobile applications, including the notifications and reminders.

There’s a lot of potential here, so it will be interesting to see what happens in the next 6-12 months.