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When we talk about Personal Branding, we often think about our online profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook or your company’s website. These are all big elements of your brand, but how often do we think about the smaller features too?
How often, for example, do you think about your voicemail? When was the last time you changed it? Did you record it in 2003 when you got your first mobile and you haven’t heard it since… like me?
As consultants, we weigh up multiple factors when deciding whether a candidate is suitable for a job. If a candidate doesn’t answer their phone, voicemail may become one of these factors. Here are some guidelines for recording a simple but effective voicemail to ensure it is a positive representation of you.

  • Establish what key information you need to include – your name, a business name, alternative contact or any information the caller may need to leave in order for you to be able to contact them back.
  • Keep in mind who has your number. If it’s a business number, don’t hesitate to mention the company you work for or your position. This helps clarify any hesitant callers that they are reaching out to the correct person. If you have the same number for work and personal matters, consider leaving these elements out – especially if you own your own side business.
  • Don’t rush through your message. Make sure you speak clearly and slowly, and the caller is able to understand what you’re saying.
  • Don’t be afraid to try different messages and tones of voice. Whether it be serious or upbeat, try a few out and see what you prefer. Also, if writing down a mini script helps, go for it!

The best place to start is by calling yourself and listening to your message bank – you might be pleasantly surprised at what you hear. And if you’re not, happy recording!