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"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

As the crisp Winter days start to fade away, and Spring starts to bloom, teams of cricket players – both amateur and professional – are hard underway in their preparations for the 2017/18 season.
As always, Options Consulting Group has a keen interest in the local community, supporting local teams in their endeavours for the upcoming season.
With every new season comes great new opportunities. With the past season’s efforts and achievements providing a clear benchmark, the pre-season – which teams are currently engaging in now – provides the opportunity to improve and develop skills, strategies and tactics that will be critical to achieving success.
The pre-season period is arguably the most important part of the season, as it builds the foundations and fundamental skills necessary for providing a clear path to goal achievement.
Having clear goals and objectives for the upcoming season also thoroughly relates to the pre-season schedule. This allows for teams and players to prioritise the most important elements that will contribute to success, and develop benchmarks and deadlines for the competent attainment of these elements – whether they be physical skills, mental traits, tactical awareness or otherwise. Producing a plan and checklist such as this ensures all bases are covered and the team is prepared for anything that is thrown at them in the upcoming season.
Parallels between the pre-season development of our cricketers and someone attempting to develop their professional, working career are obvious.
Whether the individual is attempting to develop their career within their current employer or branch out into something new, the core takeaways remain the same.
The underlying and core message is – those who wish to improve and achieve greatness, are always hard at work.
Just like the cricketers who continue to practice their bowling style all throughout the Winter months, the professionals striving to get ahead are always developing their skills and expertise. This does not only take place within the office but during the individual’s own time, as they have effectively planned and prioritised what they need to do, to get where they want to be.
In reality, a world of opportunity is at everyone’s fingertips today – with everything from online courses to traditional business seminars all providing a strategic pathway to goal attainment.
Those who are looking to transition into a new career, are seeking learning opportunities within their desired industries. Those who have identified a weakness in their skillset that is stopping them from achieving a promotion, are busy reading, researching and developing their respective skills.
As the famous quote from Mark Twain goes, “the secret of getting ahead is getting started.” But are you unsure how to begin, where you are going, what you need to go to get there?
Get in touch with Options Consulting Group today and speak with one of our professional advisors, for guidance and ideas on how you can best develop your career whether it be in your chosen field or beyond and you’ll be hitting the competition for six in no time.

John Gilbert
Principal – Options Consulting Group
T: 03 9693 9300
M: 0408 697 128