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The Hidden Value of Options Consulting Group

Good recruiters help your business. We all know that. For a large majority of businesses humans are the most critical resource conducive to business growth, development and mere operational status. So when an organisation can source, select and place an exceptional candidate into a suitable job opening, with professional experience leading to a range of efficiencies, everyone benefits.
You are likely to have often heard of these fundamental benefits for employer and employee alike; economic savings, time efficiencies that lead to further economic advantages, and intensive testing – psychometric or otherwise – that ultimately leads to a more effective outcome facilitated through alignment, of skills, attitudes and goals. However, many of the benefits engaging with us at Options Consulting Group can provide are hidden to the naked eye – but we wanted to tell you about them. So below are four, key, ‘hidden’ advantages that exploring your – and our – options can bring.
Access to Hidden Markets
Unbeknown to many internal recruiters, there is a hidden market of potential employees available. Yet only a few have access to this market. Given the nature of the hidden market, which can include potential candidates that to the public eye are off the job market, Options Consulting Group are trusted by the market with a strong adherence to confidentiality. Yet exploration of this hidden market can often reap exceptional results for employers, especially those who are seeking candidates with niche areas of skill, expertise or experience.
When negotiating fine details – such as salary or working conditions, having an intermediary that can represent both parties can ensure ease of the process. Expectantly, Options Consulting Group fills this void in communications between employer and employee. Ultimately, it leads to a process where more realistic expectations are measured and set and ensures a solid level of understanding between both parties prior to the commencement of work.
Industry Trends
Being professionals in the recruitment and human resources industry, we are passionate about keeping up to date with the latest trends in the industry. As such, we are at the forefront of knowledge when it comes to understanding recruitment trends – such as the rising popularity of contractual employment conditions – and how these trends will not only integrate with your hiring goals and processes but also how they can provide opportunities for further business development and efficiencies. Engaging with us can prove insightful, and potentially lead to a shift in recruitment tactics required to achieve your goals.
HR Integration
Recruitment is not the only professional service we offer. We also have expertise in human resources consulting, which means we can develop innovative strategies that integrate your recruitment objectives with human resources functionality and efficiency. The reality is, whilst critically important in its own right, recruitment is only one link in the chain of an effective human resources strategy. Even the greatest recruitment practices will not fill the void left by ineffective human resource management planning.
With a greater understanding of the advantages Options Consulting Group can provide for you, get in contact with us today to strategise your human resources and recruitment planning effectively; investing in people always pays the best dividends.

John Gilbert
Principal – Options Consulting Group
T: 03 9693 9300
M: 0408 697 128
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