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A Clearer Message

How can a one-word change emphasise a clearer message? In our case the change from ‘and’ to ‘through’ significantly sharpens the focus on Options Consulting Group’s guiding principles.
Our positioning statement was Facilitating Growth in Business and People since 1990
Which has been amended to Facilitating Growth in Business through People since 1990
So why the change? Because it accurately describes how we go about our business and seek to align individual aspirations with our client’s needs to deliver positive outcomes for both.

  1. OCG is a client-driven solutions provider adopting a consultative approach
  2. We work for our clients – act as a partner and assume we’re on the client’s team
  3. We Empathise with candidates and work with them to connect them with the most appropriate/best-suited career opportunity
  4. We will maintain a high performance, positive and collegiate culture