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Key to Business Success

There are many factors that are important when it comes to business success, however few are more important than the quality of your team. Aligning key competencies with job requirements is critical for business success – and never underestimate the significance of recruiting attitudes and behaviours to reinforce the culture of your team. There are hundreds of examples of successful companies trying to expand and grow, only to fail because they didn’t have the right team doing the job. So how can you make sure the people you’re hiring are right for your business?
1, Culture
A positive, constructive company culture is critical for business success. When sourcing a new team member look for personality traits, positivity, proactiveness, dedication, passion in addition to skills and experience. Interacting and working with other employees is a crucial part of almost every job, so if a new hire is unable to work with others, negative, lazy, a complainer, passive or a tyrant, will create a ‘toxic’ working environment, which can spread and rapidly affect the rest of your team.
Zappos, a multimillion-dollar company recently purchased by Amazon, is famous for their focus on culture when hiring and they attribute their success to this approach. Cultural fit carries half the weight of whether or not a candidate is hired.
2, The Interview Process
Often hiring someone who becomes a top performer comes down to your hiring processes and how you identify the right talent. Your recruitment process needs to clearly set out the specific traits and skills needed for a particular job (or traits to avoid), and identify ways to spot those traits in applicants. A combination of Targeted Selection and behavioural interviewing techniques coupled with appropriated candidate sourcing/identification strategies is vital. Putting these systems in place can be time consuming and difficult so many successful companies work collaboratively with partners who are specialists at identifying these specific traits, and then finding the candidate(s) who can fit the bill.
3, Procedures, Process & Clear Communication
As well as hiring the right person, companies also need to be aware of the procedures and processes they have in place when a new employee starts – “on-boarding/induction”. Immediately throwing someone in the deep end without clear instruction, ongoing support and routine feedback is a poor way to be introduced into the company and has the potential to harm relationships and undermine potential success.
It’s vitally important for all new starts – no matter at what level a new employee is joining the company to know what is expected of them, otherwise how can they feel good about their career move and do their job properly? One of the biggest roadblocks for companies when trying to scale up is the lack of proper procedure for new employees, so it’s really important to have these in place early in order to have long-term sustained success.
At Options Consulting Group, we believe that people are assets not numbers, they are the key to business success. Hiring the right people will lead to your business sustainability and growth, so why not discuss your HR strategy with us, we have proven solutions to assist with your success.