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Employee Holiday Management

Managing your employees’ holidays can be a nightmare over the Christmas and New Year period. Whether it’s people not taking leave, taking too much leave or not taking it at the right time, the end of the year can often be the busiest time of the year for HR departments.
Perhaps the biggest problem employers face over this period is employees’ not taking time off for holidays and instead accruing all their leave. If the leave is accrued over a number of years and the employee get a wage in rises, then the cost of that leave will rise to their new wage increasing the payout the company has to make.
Accruing leave can also have a negative effect on employees’ mental health. Working extended hours for extended periods can lead to employees burning out which can have a negative effect on the quality of their work and as well as mental health.
Another issue that can arise over this period is disputes over when employees go on holiday. Employees might feel a request has been unfairly declined which can lead to resentment and conflict in the future. Sometimes one manager will okay leave only to have it denied by a different manager days later.
The best way to avoid these issues is to have clear systems and processes in place and to make sure all employees are aware of the systems. Proper planning and management will ensure that everyone comes back from their break ready to work. If your company needs help managing its HR, get in contact with us today.